If the people on CCU’s campus could hear one thing from me it would be that: empowering others does not dis-empower yourself.

I have struggled with comparison throughout my life: comparing how I look, what I have, and what I do to other people. In this age of social media and marketing that tells us we are never good enough- how can we not? Playing the comparison game; however, was a road that I found to be so destructive. Comparison can manifest itself in many ways: a negative self-image, no sense of worth, an internal battle to enjoy life, the list goes on. 

BUT I have found empowering others, specifically other woman, to be my biggest weapon against comparison and self-doubt. Why? Because in asking God to help me see the inherent beauty, uniqueness, and worth He gave to each person around me, I began to see my own. Verbalizing to another woman a way in which God has made her beautiful or unique opened up an exit door for jealousy within me. No longer did it mean that her beauty diminished mine or that empowering her dis-empowered me. 

I, alongside the Grove residents this year, am diving into this concept of empowerment and how it can help us better know the love of Christ, as it talks about in Ephesians 3:17-19.

-Hailey Ferguson

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