Peaks and Depths

Psalm 95:4 – “In His hand are the depths of the earth, and the mountain peaks belong to Him.”


Living in Colorado, a state where we are surrounded by God’s great beauty and majesty declared in the mountains, I think it is easy to fixate on the mountain tops. We hike mountains and 14ers to reach the top – to summit. I am sure most of us do not hike a 14er for the pain in our calves or shortness of breath on the journey up. We hike it for the summit, for the sense of accomplishment, for the knowledge of pushing ourselves to complete it. We hike the mountain to stop at the top, look around, and see God’s marvellous creation. 

The peaks are beautiful and marvelous, yet, God has more for us than just the heights. God is holding both our mountain highs and our valley lows. As much as the valleys are hard and challenge us, God has incredible growth and so much to show us in the valleys. Psalm 95:4 says that “In His hand are the depths of the earth, and the mountain peaks belong to Him.” God has been teaching me lately that no matter where I am at on the journey, He is holding me and I belong to Him through it. Whether I am at the top or just beginning the ascent, I am in His hand, I am His chosen one, and He is leading and guiding me the whole way. I love how the verse says that the peaks belong to Him, which is an incredible image to picture in our minds. Yet, what I love the most is the part about the depths – the depths are in His hand in this image. Belonging to God is one thing, but being in His hand has a much more intimate connotation. When we feel at our lowest, that is when we get this picture of being held in His hand. 

What would it look like for you, at your summit or your valley, to picture yourself in His hand? How would that change how you approach your current situation? Ask Him to reveal himself as a close Father today, holding you in His hand and leading you up the mountains you are facing. 

Abbie Vandeneinde (RA of Summit)

body of water between mountains
Photo by Nick Kwan on

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