The Nook

Photo by Alessio Cesario on


Photo by Alessio Cesario on

“He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.” Psalm 91:1

Last year, the Lord challenged me to embrace my identity in Him. Being confident in who I am in the Lord was threatening to the enemy; it terrified him, so he tried in every way to tear me down, isolate me, scare me, and keep me away from the comfort of my Father. My foundation was tested, my trust in God was put on trial, and practicing doubting my doubts before doubting my God was essential to spiritual survival. The Lord prevailed.

The Nook, a brand new stairwell in the uncharted Rockmont, took on meaning I could have never imagined. A name has the power to determine the nature of those who are claimed by it. Not only is this significant in how the name “The Nook” will influence the lives of the current and future residents to live here, but also in the powerful name of the Lord.

The identity of God is unshakable, and from that I can draw the identity he gives us. It shocks me how intimately intertwined those two are. I am a child of God—He is my Father. That alone gives me goose bumps. We are made in his image—I look like him. The mountains? Stunning. But they don’t look like God. Flowers? Make me dance! Don’t look like God. Oceans and rivers and rainstorms? Leave me in awe. Don’t look like God. The billions of unique people in different cultures? Jaw-dropping. Oh yeah and they look like the God of the Universe. He made them in his image. His very name implies an endless, sacrificial love. I am His—I am loved endlessly and vastly, I am forgiven. This identity is something I can rely fully upon. Since I can rest in who the Lord says I am, I can trust in who he says he is.

The Nook is a place of retreat, a safe place, a home. In this haven, all the Lord’s kids belong and rest. A home has often been a place of distress and tension for me, a feeling of being unknown and insecure, yet God says he is my shelter, my place of quiet retreat. This security is only possible in knowing that He is my protector. He is my Shepherd. He will fight for me, guide me, and hold me. Fear has no place here. Knowing who God is and who he says we are creates the space for us to be able to step into this place of rest. In His arms, we are free. In the Nook, we can come claim the refuge of the Lord, confident in his unfailing love and protection.

–Grace Parsley (RA of the Nook)

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